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Publications and Guidance relating mainly to NPD and PPP/PFI projects

hub DBFM Contract Guidance

The hub DBFM contract documents are available via the following link to the Scottish Futures Trust's (SFT) website:


NPD Contract Guidance and NPD Model Explanatory Note

The standard form NPD contract documents together with an explanatory note on the NPD model are available via the following link to SFT's website:


Value for Money Assessment Guidance

The Value for Money Guidance documents are available via the following link to SFT's website:


If you require guidance or further information in relation to any of the above documents, please contact SFT by e-mail at Mailbox@scottishfuturestrust.org.uk or by telephone at 0131 510 0800.

Key Stage Reviews

Key Stage Review Guidance can be found via the following link to SFT's website:


Alternative Senior Debt Funding Solutions
Scottish Guidance Note on Capital Injections
PPP Research Report
  • On 13th May 2005, research was published which evaluates the performance of PPP projects in Scotland.
Guidance on Staffing Issues in PPPs:
Operational Guidance
Major Capital Projects: Progress Report to the Public Audit Committee

From December 2013 onwards, all reports to the Public Audit Committee (and subsequently renamed Public Audit and Post-legislative Scrutiny Committee) can be found on the Scottish Parliament website by way of the following link:


Additional Capital Allocations as announced on 19 December 2012