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SEPA's new Charging Scheme

SEPA’s Regulatory Charging Scheme

SEPA is required to recover the costs of its regulatory activities from its customers.  The principal way it does this is through a series of charging schemes.  Many of these schemes, however, were outdated and inconsistent.  

SEPA’s new regulatory charging scheme replaces five existing schemes covering waste, waste exemptions, radioactive substances, Pollution Prevention and Control and water discharges and abstractions (which together account for 90% of SEPA’s charging income) with a single, risk based scheme.  

This will make SEPA’s charging simpler, more consistent and transparent, and reflect moreColling towers accurately the effort required from SEPA to regulate activities.

The new scheme is not intended to raise new sources of income but rather aims to increase the effectiveness as to how costs are recovered and the equity of charge allocations between operators and sectors.  It will also help encourage operators to improve their compliance and, in the case of larger site,  provide a financial incentive to reduce the scale of their emission, abstraction or waste disposal.

The new charging scheme came into effect on 1 April 2016.  Further details about the regulatory charging scheme can be found on SEPA’s website