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SEA Guidance

SEA Guidance

The SEA Gateway Team published the latest SEA guidance on August 30 2013. This guidance replaced the SEA Toolkit and was prepared with support from the Consultation Authorities and SEA Practitioners.

The guidance offers practitioners advice on undertaking an SEA, while covering other practical steps, such as achieving proportionality, selling the values of the assessment process to others and considering what is good practice.

In addition to the pre-screening template, a new screening template is being trailled by the EA Team and available below. Questions relating to the new template may be directed to the SEA Gateway.

Screening template

Pre-screening template


Topic specific guidance for SEA

Links to topic specific guidance from the Consultation Authorities:

Planning Advice Note 1/2010 Strategic Environmental Assessment of Development Plans

This Planning Advice Note (PAN) aims to help those who are undertaking a SEA of a strategic or local development plan.

It outlines the principles of SEA within the planning context and provides key pointers. The advice is specifically aimed at development planners who are embarking on the preparation of new development plans, and who may already have some prior knowledge of the SEA process.

Version 1 - published March 19, 2010

more SEA guidance

A basic introduction to Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)

The introduction is intended to offer the reader simple background information on the basic SEA procedures, from the perspective of the Scottish Government. It is not a definitive statement of the law, and is no substitute for legal advice when required.

Version 1 - Published October 19, 2009

Integrating an Ecosystems Approach into Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)

The Integrating an Ecosystems Approach into Strategic Environmental Assessment information note provides advice on how an ecosystems approach can be integrated into Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA). 

The Information Note has been developed as an interactive document.  Readers are advised to use the first landing page as a means of navigating through the document to relevant sections or case studies that interest them.  However, it can also be read in its entirety if desired and follows a logical order to facilitate this process.