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UK CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme

The CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme (or CRC Scheme) is designed to incentivise energy efficiency and cut emissions in large energy users in the public and private sectors across the UK, together responsible for around 10% of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions.  Participants include supermarkets, water companies, banks, local authorities and all central government departments.

The scheme is designed to target emissions not already covered by Climate Change Agreements (CCAs) and the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS).  Organisations that meet the qualification criteria are required to participate, and must buy allowances for every tonne of carbon they emit.

Competence for the CRC Scheme is fully devolved to the Scottish Government.  We have agreed with the UK Government and the other devolved administrations and regulators that the Scheme should operate on a UK-wide basis to ensure consistency for participants with activities across the UK.  SEPA is the Scheme regulator for Scotland, and the first point of contact for Scottish participants and applicants.

Further Information

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