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Adaptation Contacts

Climate Change Adaptation Framework
E-mail: CCA@scotland.gsi.gov.uk
Tel: 0131 244 5490

How will climate change affect Scotland?
See Adaptation Scotland website

How our Climate is Changing

Clouds and skyScotland's climate is already changing and will continue to change for many years to come.

Our climate has already changed:

The Online Handbook of Climate Trends across Scotland offers a historical record of Scotland's climate over the last century.

Our climate will change in the future:

The Scottish Government helps to fund world leading climate projection research, showing how the climate will change in the future under different levels of greenhouse gas emissions. The UK Climate Projections were launched on June 18, 2009.

These projections show the changes that can be expected during the rest of this century. Broadly, Scotland will get warmer, wetter winters and hotter, drier summers. You can find more detailed information on projected temperature, precipitation and sea level rise at the UK Climate Projections website.

As the climate changes, Scotland will see more extreme weather events. There will be more extended hot periods; major increases in maximum temperatures nation wide, and fewer days of snow and frost. There will be longer periods of dry weather in the summer and the wettest days of the year are likely to be considerably wetter than at present.

It is vital to plan for these changes - there will be negative impacts to overcome and new opportunities which we can benefit from. The Climate Change Adaptation Framework aims to build resilience and capacity to adapt to the changes.