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Public Sector Engagement

Climate Change Strategic Groups

We have in place several working groups to drive forward climate change action in Scotland.  Each group has different, but complementary roles to direct, advise, challenge and pursue increased climate change and sustainability action.  Some groups focus internally on Scottish Government climate change policy and legislation issues, while other groups are outwardly facing involving a mix of SG officials, key sector stakeholders and third sector representatives.

Climate Change Delivery Board (CCDB) is part of Scottish Government (SG) corporate governance, and reports to both the Cabinet Sub-Committee on Climate Change and the Strategic Board.  The principal focus of the Board is the delivery of the climate change targets in a way that also delivers Ministers’ wider Programme for Government priorities.  The role of the Board is to act as the advisory leadership group for the Scottish Government on climate change by:

  • Providing leadership on this issue across the SG and wider public services;
  • Developing, owning and promoting a core narrative on the delivery of the climate change targets in context of the Programme for Government;
  • Promoting the methods and mechanisms by which delivery and improvement will be made;
  • Providing advice on investment choices across the SG, using a wide evidence base and appropriate tools to do so;
  • Recognising innovation and linking cross cutting initiatives;
  • Offering both appropriate challenge and support to colleagues working on climate change;
  • Acting as a source of advice to colleagues on difficult/ uncertain problems and;
  • Being the single authoritative voice of advice to Ministers on the portfolio of activity to deliver the climate change targets.

The CCDB is underpinned by a new network of Climate Change Champions in senior roles across the sector comprising senior officers from key organisations or bodies, as well as nominated officials on the strategic boards/groups in the Scottish Government.  The aim of the network is to promote the systematic consideration of climate change issues across a wider range of policy areas.  Each Champion also has a central role to promote climate change throughout their organisations and other member groups.

The Public Sector Climate Leaders Forum (PSCLF) met quarterly from March 2014 to September 2015 and was chaired by Dr Aileen McLeod MSP, the Minister for Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform and comprised a blend of public sector and external stakeholders.  PSCLF’s role was to oversee progress on climate change delivery and implementation; oversee governance and leadership for public bodies; and to identify solutions to overcome barriers to increased carbon reductions.  In January 2016, Dr McLeod decided to stand down PSCLF to enable the governance of public sector climate change activity to be overseen by the wider influencing Scottish Leaders Forum.  On 3 February 2016, the Minister wrote to PSCLF members outlining the change in approach and thanking them for their valued contribution over the last 18 months.

Previous PSCLF Minutes

7 September 2015

8 June 2015

12 January 2015 (plus presentation by Dean Drobot, University of Strathclyde)

20 August 2014

11 March 2014

Scottish Leaders Forum (SLF) is a forum of leaders at the heart of public services in Scotland with a broad membership of executive leaders of Scottish public services including Public Bodies and Agencies, Third Sector organisations, Local Authorities, Further and Higher Education bodies, and the Scottish Government. The network meets to discuss and collaborate on strategic policy issues and meets in plenary once a year.  Past events have included discussions on the themes of participatory democracy, early years, supporting resilient communities, sustainable economic growth and tackling youth unemployment.  The role of SLF is currently under review and we are considering how the climate change agenda can be effectively integrated into future SLF meetings/events.

Climate Leaders Officers Group (CLOG) provides operational support to SLF and is the main delivery vehicle for the actions arising from SLF.  CLOG works in partnership with the Sustainable Scotland Network, Resource Efficient Scotland and other partners across the sector to develop improved public sector support mechanisms.  CLOG has a role; to co-ordinate essential development work with stakeholders to deliver effective public sector support; to deploy practical solutions to any challenges identified; to promote best practice techniques; and communicate climate change outcomes and policy updates to SLF.

Previous CLOG Minutes

12 July 2016

16 September 2015

24 June 2015

5 March 2015

4 December 2014

3 September 2014

12 June 2014

18 December 2013

Ministerial engagement with public sector major players

June 2015 letter from Minister for Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform on plans for Public Bodies Duties reporting.