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Climate Change Engagement and Influencing Behaviours

Meeting Scotland’s climate change targets calls for a transformation change across society.  While changes in infrastructure and technology will play an important role in this transition, the impact of many of these changes depends heavily on the extent to which people adopt and use them.  It is therefore vital that people in Scotland fully understand these advances, and how to incorporate them into their everyday lives, to ensure everyone is willing and able to make the move to low carbon living.

Low Carbon Behaviours Framework

The Low Carbon Behaviours – Key Data for Scotland report, published 21 November 2016, provides data on the uptake of the Scottish Government's 10 low carbon Key Behaviour Areas - where individuals and households can help tackle climate change by changing everyday behaviours. It covers home energy, transport, food and consumption / waste.

The Low Carbon Scotland Behaviours Framework, published on 4 March 2013, lays out what the Scottish Government will do to drive and support the move to low carbon living in the lead-up to the first key climate change target in 2020.

Our current work programme focuses on:

Influencing Low Carbon Behaviours

  • Supporting key policy areas, local authorities and communities in developing their policies and initiatives using the ISM toolkit.

Supporting Climate Conversations

  • Scotland 2030 and Climate Conversations - communicating what Scottish Government low carbon policies might mean in practice for individuals and households in Scotland 2030.  Through this work we aim to continue the conversation on how Scotland can become a low carbon country, as well as highlighting the action people can take now to make this vision a reality.  To support this we have developed a How to Guide and associated images to hosting a Climate Conversation.  These resources were based on the research undertaken by Climate Outreach on behalf of the Scottish Government and ClimateXChange.

  • Key findings from the first series of Climate Conversations held throughout 2016 are outlined in the Summary Report.

Engagement on Key Household Climate Change Behaviours

  • Encouraging uptake of the 10 key climate change behaviours through the suite of Greener Together communications (website, TV, radio, 1-to-1 advice, social media).
  • Research supporting the climate conversations and key behaviours public engagement.

Climate Change Community Engagement

  • Supporting community groups through the Climate Challenge Fund and a range of local carbon networks across Scotland.