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What you can do to help prevent the spread of invasive non-native species

What can you do to help prevent the spread of invasive non-native species?

Abide by the legislation - ensure that you obey importation laws, do not release organisms into the wild and act in accordance with the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 (as amended by the Nature Conservation (Scotland) Act 2004).

Follow guidance such as the Horticultural Code of Practice - Helping to Prevent the Spread of Invasive Non-Native Species.

Do not transport invasive non-native species

- If you go walking, clean boots and socks between trips to remove seeds and plant material. Ensure that seeds are disposed of sensibly e.g. by burning.

- If you own a boat, make sure you regularly clean it and all equipment, particularly when moving between areas. Remember that invasive species can also impact upon recreational activities like fishing.

- Keeping your car, motorcycle, or bicycle clean will help to stop the spread of invasive non-native species. Take particular care when returning with your vehicle from holiday or from areas where invasive species are a known problem.

Be Aware

Be aware of any invasive species in your area and any action you can take to limit their spread.

Familiarise yourself with invasive non-native species so that you can identify them.

Tell others

Many people do not know about the damage caused by invasive non-native species and what they can do to limit the problem.

Help by volunteering

Many conservation organisations need volunteers to help remove invasive non-native plants from conservation areas. See organisation websites for further information.