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Reservoir Managers

Reservoir Manager

Previously the Reservoir Manager was known as the 'Undertaker'; this has been changed as it was an unpopular term. Reservoir Managers have ultimate responsibility for the safety of their reservoirs, and will have control over the operation of the dam.  The Reservoir Manager will be the person who controls or operates the reservoir or, if no such person exists, the owner of the reservoir.  It is possible that a controlled reservoir may be managed by one Reservoir Manager or by more than one (multiple) Reservoir Managers.  

The Reservoir Manager is responsible for day to day monitoring of the reservoir in line with the recommendations made by the inspecting or the supervising engineer. The Reservoir Manager of a high or medium consequence reservoir must ensure that the reservoir is under the supervision of a supervising engineer at all times. 

Managers of high risk reservoirs are also required to commission an inspecting engineer from the panel of approved engineers to inspect the reservoir at least every 10 years. Managers of medium risk reservoirs are only required to commission an inspecting engineer to inspect the reservoir when recommended by the inspecting engineer.

The Reservoir Manager of a low consequence reservoir is not required to commission a supervising or inspecting engineer.

Further information about the responsibilities of the Reservoir Manager under the Reservoirs (Scotland) Act 2011 can be found on SEPA's website.   A link is attached here.