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High Level Group - Sustainable Scotland

The Group has been established to provide a new strategic leadership capacity for sustainability in Scotland (while not duplicating the climate change focus of the separate governance structure in place for that area).

It is made up of high level representatives from key sectors to take advantage of their collective knowledge, different perspectives and practical experience; and work together on sustainability, particularly the broad area of sustainable consumption.

It meets around four times per year, with a remit to:

  • Provide strategic policy input into the high level sustainability challenges Scotland faces - illuminating the bigger picture, identifying choices, overcoming barriers and offering solutions.
  • Champion sustainability, promoting leadership and delivery within the sectors and organisations represented; including through communicating on sustainability issues to wider audiences.
  • Provide leadership on public sector environmental performance (alongside the Internal High Level Group on Leading by Example, which is responsible for ensuring that the Scottish Government's own Environmental Performance is exemplary).
  • Advise and comment on progress towards National Outcomes for respective sectoral interests. In particular, the group has a focus on the following two greener national outcomes, while understanding the relevance of all 15 national outcomes to sustainability:
  1. We value and enjoy our built and natural environment and protect it and enhance it for future generations
  2. We reduce the local and global environmental impact of our consumption and production.

Attendees and key messages from December 2010 meeting
Attendees and key messages from September 2010 meeting
Attendees and key messages from May 2010 meeting
Attendees and key messages from February 2010 meeting