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Skills Utilisation - Joint Communique from the Scottish Government and the STUC

Joint Communiqué on Skills Utilisation from the Scottish Government and the Scottish Trades Union Congress

We agree that:

  • Skills are an important driver of the economy and in achieving the Government's stated key aim of "sustainable economic growth".
  • Investing in the supply of skills alone will not effect the growth that we seek, nor will it necessarily raise demand for skills from employers.
  • Working with employers to help them develop ambitious product market strategies and business plans will impact on the skills needs and demands of employers.
  • Improving how skills are used in the workplace will also have a positive impact on the contribution to the economy that skills can make.
  • Smarter Scotland logoEmployers should be encouraged to invest in the skills of their staff.
  • Individuals should be encouraged to take advantage of training and development to improve their own career and life chances.
  • Unions should continue to support workers to obtain access to skills and to achieve working practices and a working environment that enables these skills to be utilised effectively.
  • Systems, processes and funding must facilitate and not hinder employer and individual investment in skills.
  • Public funding for skills in Scotland should be directed towards areas of market failure where state intervention can have an impact.
  • Work organisation and job design is of particular importance in order to improve workers' productive mobilisation and deployment.
  • Equality of access to & participation in skills in learning is vital if the strategic aims & ambitions of the Skills Strategy are to be achieved. In pursuing equality, it is important to develop policies which address the current underutilisation of the skills of various minority groups while recognising people's different needs, situations & goals
  • The Sector Skills Councils (SSCs) have an important role to play in identifying and meeting skills demand and working to promote skills utilisation, and that it is important for all stakeholders to make strategic links with the network.

Together we agree to:

  • Work in partnership to undertake policy development & research into skills utilisation in the workplace that will examine existing good practice in the UK & beyond.
  • Work with the UK Commission for Employment and Skills.
  • Develop policies that will address specific areas of market failure in skills.
  • Work with strategic partners, such as Local Authorities, Skills Development Scotland, Sector Skills Councils in Scotland, the Scottish Funding Council, business and employer representatives and the Enterprise Networks to promote and advance the aims of the skills strategy.

The Scottish Government and The Scottish Trades Union Congress

January 2008