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Leadership and Management Review in Scotland

The skills strategy Skills for Scotland set out a vision "for a smarter Scotland with a globally competitive economy based on high value jobs, with progressive and innovative business leadership".

The Skills Utilisation Action Group explored leadership and management as part of its work on employer engagement. The resulting skills utilisation employer engagement strategy Reaping the Benefits states:

"The quality of leadership and management is in our view an important constraint - and potentially a key enabler - to employer engagement in skills utilisation activities. Leadership is a key influencer on the strategies of firms and other organisations, which drive their demand for skills. As the Skills Utilisation Literature Review outlines, leadership and management are also main factors that facilitate workplace change (the other being employee trust and motivation)".

Following the Leadership Group's meeting in September 2009, the Scottish Government embarked on a review "to recommend action on how best to encourage progressive and innovative leadership and management in workplaces in Scotland to improve productivity levels". The findings of the review were reported to the Leadership Group in April 2010.

Leadership and Management Review Papers