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Skills for Scotland - What does the Government Economic Strategy say about skills utilisation?

The Government's Economic Strategy (GES) was refreshed in September 2011. The GES outlines the Government's vision for creating a more successful country, with opportunities for all of Scotland to flourish, through increasing sustainable economic growth.

"The recession has heightened many of the challenges we face regarding labour market Participation. As a result of the recession unemployment levels have risen and there is also now a degree of underemployment - both in terms of people working fewer hours than they would like, and an underutilisation of skills. Alongside this, too many of our people remain outside of the labour market.

"A supportive business environment is central to increasing Scotland's sustainable economic growth rate. Scotland's Productivity performance will be boosted by stimulating growth ambition through investment and innovation; supporting firms to compete in international growth markets; and encouraging leadership development and utilisation of skills across all sectors of the Scottish economy.

"Realising our economic aspirations depends upon having more confident and motivated individuals across all age groups who are aware of the skills they possess and how to best use them. It is also vital that everyone is engaged in workplaces that provide meaningful and appropriate encouragement, opportunity and support to develop and use their skills effectively.

"Making more effective use of skills is of fundamental importance to improving levels of productivity and sustainable growth in Scotland. Effective employee engagement is a prerequisite for building employee trust and motivation - a key factor in enabling effective skills use. This encompasses many elements including how well learning is transferred to the workplace, job design and organisational ambition."

Effective skills utilisation is discussed in detail in the skills strategy refreshed in 2010, Skills for Scotland: Accelerating the Recovery and Increasing Sustainable Economic Growth.