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Labour Market Information and Intelligence

Labour market information and intelligence (LMI) tells us all about what is happening in the world of work, or the labour market.

LMI can tell us about things like:

  • the number of job vacancies in each job sector
  • the type of vacancies - if they are part-time, full-time, temporary, seasonal or permanent
  • general trends in the world of work - such as which types of business are doing well or failing
  • what kind of businesses are opening, or closing down, in your area
  • the skills and qualifications that employers are looking for
  • what qualification levels and subjects people have
  • how many people are looking for work

Why do I need LMI?

LMI can give you a clear view of what is happening in the world of work, so you can make realistic plans for your future.

Knowing about things like the number and type of job vacancies, how work is changing and what employers are looking for can make it easier to plan what to do next.

It will also help you to find out about the qualifications and employability skills you will need for your career ideas.

You can use LMI in different ways at different stages:

  • If you're still in learning

LMI can give you an idea of the job situation and help you to find out which subjects or courses you might need for your career ideas.

  • If you're looking for a job

The more you know about the job sector you want to go in to, the better prepared you'll be for job searching, applications and interviews. Employers will be impressed if you've got some knowledge of their sector and a career aim in mind.

Following a cross-organisational review of labour market information and intelligence (LMI), a LMI Framework for Scotland is being developed. This framework is needed because:

  • the landscape in Scotland is crowded with many organisations producing and having a need for robust LMI with no one organisation being in a position to produce all that is required;
  • there is no clear definition of LMI;
  • stakeholders have varied requirements for LMI at national, regional, local and sectoral levels; and
  • development of such a framework will foster coordination, cooperation and communication amongst stakeholders.

The LMI Framework sets out the basis for how LMI will be provided in the future and how stakeholders in Scotland will work together to ensure needs are met at a national, regional, local and sectoral level.

Skills Development Scotland collaborates with other organisations to bring you access to further knowledge and different perspectives on skills, learning and work. SDS operate Research Online, which provides free access to more than 8,000 labour market intelligence reports and provides a single gateway to the most recent and relevant labour market intelligence. It contains details of material on all aspects of labour markets with particular reference to Scotland.