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Career Information Advice and Guidance

Careers Services

Careers Services contribute to increasing sustainable economic growth and to delivering high levels of employment. They enable people to make informed learning and career choices to maximise their opportunities to get, stay and flourish in work.

The Scottish Government is committed to all-age, universal careers services with more and better support for those who need it most; services which are independent, high quality, impartial, informed, supportive of equal opportunities and confidential.

Careers Strategy

In March 2011, we published our Careers Strategy to modernise the way services are delivered to raise people's aspirations, improve their life chances and realise their potential. To achieve this, Scotland needs:

• a wider range of quality services - including, online, telephone, face-to-face and partnership working - that meets people's demands and expectations and the needs of today's society

• to make best use of our collective, limited, resources

• more people developing the skills they need to manage their careers throughout their lives, making full use of new technologies

• more intensive, face-to-face support - including specialist help - for those whose career development needs are greatest, including Looked After Children and others who need additional support for their learning.

Traditional careers services

· Web site

· Organisation/practitioner led

· Quick fix

· 'Stand alone'

· Exclusively delivered by career professionals

· Directive

· Single channel - face to face

Modern careers services

· Web service

· User/self managed approach

· Skills development (lifelong)

· Integrated with curriculum

· Delivered through range of partners and career professionals

· Enabling

· Multi-channel approach

Dr Alasdair Allan MSP, Minister for Learning and Skills, gave a key note speech about the modernisation of Scotland's Careers Services at the Institute of Career Guidance Scottish Parliamentary Event, held on the 6th October 2011.

The strategy recognises that as the key provider of Careers Services in Scotland, Skills Development Scotland (SDS) is well positioned to act as the strategic lead in the redesign and improvement of Career Services, working collaboratively with partners such as schools and colleges, Local Authorities and other public bodies to build the capacity of the guidance community. It sets out our expectations of SDS and its partners to work better together to meet the needs of service users and to make the best use of their collective resources. It outlines that SDS will continue, among other things, to work with partners to streamline employer access to skills advice and careers information and improve integration with business support services.

My World of Work

A key example of modernisation is the new interactive web service My World of Work, which was launched by Dr Alasdair Allan, the Minister for Learning and Skills in August 2011.

By making use of new technologies, this new 24/7 service extends the reach of Careers Services, including in to very remote areas. It provides dynamic, interactive ways for people to access a wealth of careers information, as well as tools to help them develop their career management skills to make informed learning and career choices. It enables more people to help themselves, providing an integrated approach with a greater mix and balance, which now includes face-to-face, online, SDS' contact centre and partnership working. As a result, SDS staff will be able to provide more and better support to those that need it most.

Taking the Strategy Forward

Key actions being taken forward to implement the Careers Strategy include:

Other Key Scottish Government Publications

The Scottish Government's commitment to modernising Scotland's Career Services was also highlighted in a series of key documents published in September 2011: