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Education Psychological Services

Curriculum for Excellence applies to all learners and it gives particular attention to vulnerable young people as part of an inclusive agenda; it supports delivery of the More Choices More Chances strategy, that recognises the needs of many young people to experience a co-ordinated response. This includes psychological support, to enable them to engage in and sustain a positive destination. MCMC highlights the important role of Education Psychological Services (EPS) in ensuring better outcomes for young people, particularly those who need more choices and chances.

Delivered by local authorities, EPS have a key role in improving transitions for young people by developing the skills of professionals from different disciplines and advising on strategies for better meeting the individual needs of young people. More specifically, these services are central to helping local authorities fulfil their duties, under the Additional Support for Learning Act, relating to post-school; and in relation to Looked After Children. They offer consultation, individual assessment and intervention, training and action research, which together help young people achieve positive and sustained destinations beyond school. EPS seek to work with and through partner organisations including Scotland's colleges, Skill Development Scotland (Careers) and training providers.

This psychological service in Scotland effectively closes the gap in service delivery between child and adulthood, thereby promoting continuity and progression in lifelong learning for individuals. EPS are not replicated elsewhere in the UK; they have been developed over a relatively brief period between 2004 and 2010 and are now available in all 32 local authorities, as an extension of school age support services.

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