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Young People 16-24 Story Mode

What is Story Mode?

So, you want to know more about young people in Scotland and the learning opportunities and support available to them within their Senior Phase. Story Mode will guide you through our pages in a coherent and joined up manner, providing a broad overview of our strategies and policies which have been carefully designed to ensure that all young people are supported into positive and sustained destinations.

How does it work?

On each page, you'll see a window located in the bottom right hand corner - this will allow you to advance through this section (Young People 16-24) topic by topic. You'll be given the opportunity to 'jump' to other topics as you read through the pages - this provides an opportunity to explore the things that interest you.

Who is it for?

Story Mode is for anyone to use - though it was designed for those who are new to post-16 learning in Scotland. If you already know what information you want from our section, try looking in the Information Hub for quick links and resources.

Story Mode

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