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Parents / Carers and Young People

Parents and carers will wish to be active partners in supporting their children to make effective post-16 learning choices and to fulfil their potential. They will want to encourage them to be both ambitious and realistic about their future learning and longer term career aspirations, and to help them to take advantage of the opportunities and support available. Undoubtedly, parents and carers are key influencers in their children's decisions and play a major role in helping them to consider their options and make informed decisions.

It will be important for partners to engage parents and carers (including local authorities as Corporate Parents) in their children's learning choices. The Curriculum for Excellence Parents Toolkit is a useful esource for helping parents understand what the Senior Phase can offer their children.

Young people should be fully engaged in, and take responsibility for, their post-16 learning choices, and will receive the professional support they need to make the most of the opportunities available to them. They should actively consider any 'offers' made to them and not dismiss them without valid reason. It will be important for individual young people to inform, their school or SDS Careers Adviser as soon as they have accepted an offer of a place in learning. This information will then pass to SDS for recording on Insight/the 16+ Learning Choices Data Hub. Young people will wish to be reassured that support, and further opportunities where it is needed, will continue to be available during their Senior Phase and that SDS will help them to re-engage in learning.

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