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Local Authorities

Strategically, it is for local authorities to provide leadership and direction on implementation; ensuring that all partners are clear about what is expected of them in supporting local delivery. This should demonstrate a clear line of sight between 16+ Learning Choices and delivery of the Single Outcome Agreement, and should articulate specifically with implementation of Curriculum for Excellence and with wider services for delivering better outcomes for young people. Authorities should also consider their obligations as 'corporate parent' in supporting post-16 learning choices.

Specific local authority responsibilities include:

Learning Provision
  • Supporting schools to develop and deliver a diverse curriculum for those staying on at school;
  • Working with the wider Partnership to identify appropriate alternative offers for any young person whose intended learning choice is not taken up;
  • Maintaining accessible information on the range of learning available locally and on local labour market needs (a pre-requisite for developing an e-Prospectus);
  • Monitoring the availability of provision and ensuring, with SDS and learning providers, that gaps, overlaps and over-concentration are addressed in a timely manner;
  • Monitoring implementation, challenging performance across the partnership and co-ordinating collaborative approaches to resolve difficulties.
Support for Young People
  • Ensuring appropriate resource allocation to support the authority's role in leading and co-ordinating sustainable delivery of 16+ Learning Choices;
  • Working with SDS to agree the scope of IAG to be provided;
  • Co-ordinating community learning and development partners to support 16+ Learning Choices;
  • Mobilising services for young people to ensure targeted support where it is needed;
  • Commissioning specific/specialist supports for particularly vulnerable young people;
  • Ensuring that any young person who is - at the discretion of the home authority - learning in a school or other establishment outwith the home authority area, has an agreed co-ordinated package of support both before and after leaving school;
  • Putting in place an offer of post-16 learning for any young person who has chosen to attend school or other learning establishment within your authority rather than their home authority area;
  • Retaining responsibility for any young person who, at the discretion of the home authority, is placed in a learning setting outwith that authority area, eg Looked After young people: this will include making and recording offers and monitoring take up.
Data Management
  • Working with partners, notably schools and SDS, to ensure robust data management systems and procedures to facilitate tracking and monitoring of individual young people; and to inform service design and delivery;
  • Working with partners to evaluate the impact of 16+ Learning Choices on young people;
  • Working with SDS to review/renew Data Access Agreements and that relevant staff understand the scope of the Agreements.

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