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More Choices, More Chances

young people learningThe Scottish Government's More Choices, More Chances Strategy aims to:

  • ensure that Curriculum for Excellence provides opportunities to young people under 16 that are tailored to individual need, with flexibility and appropriate support for every young person
  • ensure that every young person has a clear pathway from school into learning post-16; with supported transitions and sustained opportunities
  • ensure that learning is a financially viable option, by considering the financial support and incentives available to young people
  • ensure that the right support is available to young people to find out about, engage with and sustain learning and employment
  • make a joint commitment to action between central and local government, employers, learning providers and support agencies to develop the service infrastructure required to meet the needs of vulnerable young people

All of these actions are about ensuring that young people are able to access the universal services from which they should benefit, aligning mainstream systems to cater for all young people including those who need additional support.

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