Commission for Developing Scotland's Young Workforce

The Commission for Developing Scotland’s Young Workforce was established by the Scottish Government in January 2013.  Chaired by Sir Ian Wood, the Commission is independent of Government and has been tasked with bringing forward a range of recommendations designed to improve young people’s transition into employment.

The Commission is made up of people from the worlds of employment and education and has been set a wide ranging challenge. The overarching ambition is to enable Scotland’s young people to move into sustainable employment. To do this, young people need to make the best transition from a broad general education into a comprehensive range of opportunities which improve their employment prospects. The education side of this is critically important. Just as important is the employment side and the Commission will be focussing on measures to strengthen the engagement of employers in the youth employment and education agendas.

The Commission published its Interim Report on 5 September 2013.

The Commission's final report was published on 3 June 2014.