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Using the Tool

Using the Tool

Insight aims to encourage professional dialogue about performance at whole school, curriculum area and course level as part of the improvement process. Insight provides an overall picture of performance but it is also possible easily to drill down into the data and look at how specific cohorts of pupils are performing according to areas such as gender, ethnicity and looked after children. It also helps to present a school in its context and understand some of the wider social challenges that it might face in seeking to raise attainment.

Information for schools and local authorities

Insight is available to all teaching staff in secondary schools including classroom teachers, principal teachers and senior leaders, together with local authority staff. It provides schools with information about where a school is having the most success for pupils in the senior phase and also where improvements can be made.

Insight provides data that is easy to interpret and aids professional reflection at an individual, departmental, faculty and whole-school level. It is particularly valuable as a tool to inform improvement planning, particularly following the February release, when key data for schools are updated.

Information for parents

Insight has been designed as a tool for professionals to use in benchmarking, reflection and self-evaluation. It is used by staff in schools and local authorities for that purpose. However, aspects of Insight have been used in the Parentzone website. 

Special schools, independent schools and colleges

Special schools are not currently included in Insight. We are considering their inclusion in Phase 2 of the development programme. We are looking at the impact that the development of the tool has for independent schools. The Tool draws on data that is not collected for the independent sector and we need to consider what this means for any future inclusion of independent schools.

Attainment information for pupils in school-college partnerships is included in Insight. Attainment information for young people in full-time college education is not included.