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Gaelic and Scots

Gaelic in the Curriculum

Curriculum for Excellence, the Scottish Government's reform programme of education, recognises Gaelic as a mainstream subject of the curriculum. Gaelic provides a valuable resource for young people to learn about the major contribution that the language has made to Scotland's culture and identity. The curriculum guidance offers opportunities for teachers to use these attributes across curriculum subjects, providing children and young people with an enhanced learning journey.

Consultation Paper on a Gaelic Medium Education Bill

A Scottish Government consultation paper on Gaelic medium education was published on 2 July. Views are invited on Gaelic medium education in general and specifically on the proposal to introduce legislation to the Scottish Parliament aimed at expanding and improving access to Gaelic medium education in Scotland. View the consultation paper here

Scots in the Curriculum

Curriculum for Excellence recognises Scots as being an integral part of the curriculum. Scots adds to Scotland's rich diversity of language and can help develop and improve literacy skills. The guidance encourages practitioners to build upon the diversity of language represented within the communities of Scotland, valuing the languages which children bring to school.

We are working with key partners to provide curriculum material and resources to support the curriculum guidance, which will help practitioners make Gaelic and Scots an integral part of a learner's journey at all levels of the Curriculum for Excellence.