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Learning for Sustainability Implementation Group - Conversation Days

The Learning for Sustainability Implementation Group held a Career Long Professional Learning and Briefing for schools Conversation Day on 25th May 2014 and a School Grounds and Buildings Conversation Day on 20 May 2014. The days were well attended and represented a wide cross-section of interest from across the school community, the days promoted a good working environment and provided a useful networking opportunity to discuss implementation of the 31 recommendations of the Learning for Sustainability Report.

Following some very positive dialogue within individual discussion groups we expect that there will be common themes and issues emerging from the days which will be used to inform next steps, including whether longer-term working groups need to be established to take specific work forward.  A record of the two days is being created and once this work is complete we will provide an overview of the information and discussion topics which together with other documents from the days will made available on this page.

In the interim, listed below are the main documents from the School Grounds and Buildings Conversation Day including the School Buildings and Grounds recommendation update document which includes links to the strategies, programmes and guides discussed on the day together with PowerPoint presentations from Professor Higgins, Grounds for Learning and Keep Scotland Beautiful.

School Buildings and Grounds - update document

Professor Higgins - PowerPoint Presentation

Grounds for Learning - PowerPoint Presentation

Keep Scotland Beautiful - PowerPoint Presentation