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Transport and school trips

Transport and school trips

Children will normally get free transport (or payment to cover the cost of public transport) if they are:

  • under eight and live more than two miles from school, or
  • over eight and live more than three miles from school.

The Scottish Government issues guidance to local authorities on the provision of school transport, however each authority decides which rules apply. Contact details for each authority can be found on the Parentzone website.

Placing requests and free transport

There is not normally free transport or help with transport costs if a child is attending a school because of a placing request.

A healthy and safe journey to school

The Scottish Government pays for school travel plan co-ordinators in every local authority. The co-ordinators' job is to:

  • encourage safe, healthy and environmental-friendly ways of getting to school
  • help local authorities decide how they should spend money set aside for cycling, walking and safer street schemes.

Guidance on health and safety on school trips has also been issued.