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Getting involved

Parental involvement is crucial to every child's development and learning. Evidence shows that where parents are involved the outcomes are better for children. Under Curriculum for Excellence all schools are encouraged to welcome your support and work with you to ensure that your help is best tailored to your child's needs.

As a parent you will often be best placed to identify factors that may affect your child's learning that the school is not aware of. Advising the school of issues such as a family illness or change in circumstance, difficulties with a school friend or in the playground, or problems with a piece of homework will help teachers to better plan your child's learning.

The Parents as partners factfile, which can be found in the Your Guide to Curriculum for Excellence section of Parentzone, provides reassurance and advice to parents and carers on how best to become more proactive and supportively involved in your child's learning.

If you wish to get more involved in supporting your child's school you may wish to speak with the Headteacher or the Parent Council. Schools usually welcome help whether it be with school trips, running or organising events, fundraising activities, planning and local authority engagement, or perhaps to draw on your own experiences and links within the community.

Updated information on the purpose and role of Parent Councils and information for Parent Council members can be found on Parentzone:

These documents replace the Parents as Partners - Welcome Pack for Parent Council members, published in 2007.