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Parental Involvement

Mother and child

Parental involvement is about parents’ involvement in the life and work of their school, the communication between home and school and the vital role that parents play in supporting their children’s learning.


Getting involved in the life and work of the school

Parents can get involved in the life of the school by helping out on an informal basis or more formally by joining the Parent Council. Under Scotland’s Parental Involvement Act every parent has the opportunity to be a member of the parent council of their child's school.

Links between home and school

Your child's school will be able to give you information about your child's progress at school. There may be times when you need to let the school know about support your child may need. This two way relationship helps you to support your child.

Supporting your child’s learning

There are many ways you can support your child's learning from birth onwards. Bookbug, Play,Talk,Read and Read, Write, Count provide advice and support for parents of children in pre-school or early primary stages.

For more information, also see the Parentzone Scotland website.


Scottish Government’s role

The Scottish Government’s role is to develop national policy and to gather and analyse national data provided via Scotland’s National Improvement Framework.

Scotland’s approach to parental involvement is underpinned by the 2006 Parental Involvement Act. The National Parent Forum led a review of the Act in 2016, and delivered its final report in May 2017. The Scottish Government has accepted the review’s recommendation to modernise, strengthen and extend the legislation.

Local authorities’ role

Local authorities are responsible for developing strategies on parental involvement, and for monitoring the implementation of those strategies. A number of local authorities employ Parental Involvement Officers.

National parent organisations

The Scottish Government works closely with a range of parent organisations, including the National Parent Forum and Scottish Parent Teacher Council, to monitor and discuss national policy on parental involvement, and to develop proposals for the future. A range of parent organisations are represented on a national Parental Engagement Steering Group.

Further information

Further information about your school:

Information about your child’s school should be available in the school handbook, on the school website or perhaps your school’s social media account.

You can also find information about your school from the Parentzone Scotland website.

School term dates by Local Authority area.

A booklet on choosing a school has been created.

There is a register of independent schools.

Information on school closures can be found in the school buildings pages.


Further information about learning in schools

Parentzone Scotland has a wide range of information about education in Scotland

The National Parent Forum of Scotland has created resources, advice and support on schools and education for parents and carers.

Information on qualifications and assessment can be found on the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) website.

The Enquire site provides information about additional support for learning.

Information on the revised National 5 qualification for academic year 2017/18.

Further information on assessment, exams and qualifications

Engage for Education is a blog about education at national level.


Further information about parent engagement

More information about parental engagement, what it is and what it can achieve can be found in this infographic.

Research on parent engagement is available on Scotland’s engaging with families website.

A parental engagement toolkit for practitioners has been created.

Legislation – Scottish Schools (Parental Involvement) Act 2006 and statutory guidance.

School handbook guidance provides advice to local authorities and schools on what should be included in school handbooks.