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Parental Involvement

Mother and child

Curriculum for Excellence emphasises the key role played by parents in supporting their children's learning. The Scottish Government works closely with partner organisations to ensure parents' views are recognised and heard and encourages all schools to strengthen their links with parents.

The Parental Involvement Act (2006) sets out the role of parents in Scottish Education, modernising and strengthening the framework that supports parental involvement in school education. The act identifies three areas of particular importance:

  • Learning at Home. Parents play a vital role in their children's learning and development. The Scottish Government aims to encourage parents to develop their children's learning at home and in the community.
  • Home/School Partnership. The Act reflects the shared role and responsibility that schools, parents and carers have in working together to educate children.
  • Parental Representation. The Act replaced the old School Boards with Parent Councils, designed to be less formal and to encourage more and different parents to get involved in the life of their school.

Guidance on the Scottish Schools (Parental Involvement) Act 2006


In September 2012 the Scottish Government published School Handbook Guidance.  This guidance provides a framework for local authorities and schools to develop, in partnership with parents, a School Handbook that reflects the needs and circumstances of each school community.  It also provides guidance on what and how information can be communicated to parents and carers, reflecting Curriculum for Excellence and the importance of effective parental involvement in children’s learning.

Further information

  • Information about Scottish education and resources for parents and Parent Councils can be found on the Parentzone Scotland site. Factfiles available on the site include Parents and partners and Supporting Learners. An accessible summary of the Parental Involvement Act is also available on Parentzone Scotland.
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  • Engage for Education is a platform for Scotland's education community (parents, teachers, pupils, etc) to engage directly with the Scottish Government about issues important to them.
  • Examples of Curriculum for Excellence in action can be found here
  • The Enquire site is particularly useful if you wish to find out more about additional support for learning.
  • Inspectors works to inspect and review schools and to support meaningful self-evaluation. And through this process to identify strengths and priorities for improvement across the system.  More information can be found at Education Scotland's Inspection and Review page.
  • Information on qualifications and assessment can be found on the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) website.
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