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Statutory Guidance

Statutory guidance: Standards in Scotland’s Schools etc. Act 2000.

Statutory guidance has been published to provide further information on some of the duties contained in Part 1 of the Education (Scotland) Act, which makes a series of amendments to the Standards in Scotland’s Schools etc. Act 2000.  This guidance has been developed to support those who will have responsibility for duties in relation to:

  • reducing inequalities of outcome for pupils experiencing them as a result of socio-economic disadvantage;

  • the National Improvement Framework, and;

  • planning and reporting duties at school and education authority levels.

This statutory guidance is aimed at those with responsibilities within schools and local authorities for fulfilling the duties within the legislation.  This is likely to include strategic leaders and senior planning managers in local authorities, particularly for whom education functions are a responsibility, as well as Headteachers within schools. 

The statutory guidance is supplemented with visual aids which aim to demonstrate how the planning and reporting cycle might look over the first transitional years.  An additional guidance note has also been provided to assist local authorities with the preparation of annual reports, however, this does not form part of the statutory guidance itself and it is entirely a decision for local authorities as to whether they wish to use any part of that note.