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ICT in Education Excellence Group Report

Muffy CalderThe ICT in Education Excellence Group, was convened in August 2012 by the Chief Scientific Adviser Professor Muffy Calder at the request of the Cabinet Secretary for Education and Lifelong Learning, was asked to consider the future development of the schools’ intranet ‘Glow’.

Over five months the Group, which consisted of IT and education specialists and end users. The Group visited schools across Scotland to look at the experience of using of ICT for learning.

Their final report makes recommendations to the Cabinet Secretary on how to ensure that future Glow is dynamic and remains relevant to its users for years to come. The Group has also produced a set of technical annexes that look at the range of issues in more detail, as well as a set of user stories which describe how a future service could be used by teachers, learners and parents in different circumstances.

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