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Tackling the School Run

‘Tackling the School Run’

In February 2016, the Scottish Government commissioned research to provide the latest evidence on school transport choices and which approaches have been effective in influencing these, in order to inform the development of workable and deliverable policies that minimise the proportion of journeys to school made by car while increasing the proportion choosing active travel.  The findings are of particular interest to policy makers and practitioners working in transport, education, health, environment and planning with greater cross-departmental working integral to tackling the school run and promoting travel behaviour change. 

The Scottish Government published the ‘Tackling the School Run’ research study and literature review in January 2017.

ISM Workshop

In February 2017, the Scottish Government held an Individual, Social and Material (ISM) workshop to explore relevant behaviours that result in pupils being driven to school unnecessarily. 

Organisations attended the workshop were; ATCO, Living Streets, Cycling Scotland, Sustrans, Paths for All, Eco-schools, The National Parent Forum of Scotland, Scottish Parent Teacher Council, Sportscotland and was facilitated by Dr Alex Hilliam, Director, Hilliam Research and Analysis.

The output from this workshop and the information provided by the research study will hopefully result in the development of an integrated package of policies that will contribute to tackling the school run.

Updates will be provided as further work is completed. For further information, contact schoolestates@gov.scot