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Application Process

Application Process including application deadlines

All the information on admission is found here: http://www.sdu.dk/en/Uddannelse/Optagelse

Bachelor programmes:

Application deadline: 15 March 12.00

Application form

Application forms will become available at www.optagelse.dk from 1 February. You have to submit an application electronically:

  1. You apply online and upload the required enclosures to www.optagelse.dk before 15 March (application deadline for foreigners). Please do not send any application form or enclosures by ordinary mail, all applications must be made online.  Make sure that you print out the signature page, sign it and send it by e-mail to optag@sdu.dk. If we do not receive your signature page before 15 March, we are not able to accept your application.
  2. Your application is assessed. You receive a receipt letter incl. username and password for an online self service site. On this site you can follow the status of your application assessment.  
  3. EU citizens: 30 July you receive a letter of acceptance or rejection and your status changes on the self service site (acceptance/rejection). If you do not receive a letter we recommend you to look up the information on the self service site. A link to an admission package with important information (incl. a link to an online accommodation application) is noted in the letter of admission.    
  4. You confirm your study place before 5 August on the self service site.  
  5. When you have confirmed your study place you will receive a letter in the beginning at August including a password and username to access a web site where you upload your picture for your student/ID card. You need this card as identification for exams, copying, key etc.  
  6. When you have uploaded your photo you receive a letter including a password and username for the IT facilities mid-August.  
  7. End of August, each campus has an orientation programme for all new students.  
  8. The semester and classes start 1 September.   
  9. Start September EU Citizens applies for Danish residence permit assisted by Student Services.

Residence permit
To study in Denmark for more than three months, you must apply for residence permit once you have been admitted.