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"I like the programme a lot and the teachers are very good. So far the Shakespeare-theme has been my favorite."

Name: Juliana Guimarães
Age: 27
Study: English Studies
Origin: Brazil

About Malmö University

“Malmö University was my first priority when applying for studies in Sweden. I had studied journalism at a university in my hometown Rio de Janeiro, and went on exchange in Ireland. As I then wanted to move from Ireland to Sweden, I found out about Malmö University’s programme in English studies and I thought that it would be a good complement to my previous studies. I was already staying in Malmö when I applied for the programme and I got excellent help from the Student union and teachers during the application process and the registration. It was all really easy.“

About Malmö and Sweden

“My boyfriend is Swedish, but from Stockholm. It was his suggestion that we should settle down in Malmö. He thought the city would suit me, and he was right! It’s a truly international scene. There are a lot of nice restaurants and shops in Malmö and it’s nice that it’s so close to Copenhagen. I love hanging out at Stadsbiblioteket (Malmö City Library), I also enjoy the beach and Västra hamnen (Western Harbour). The transport system here is great and very different from Brazil. It’s so easy to get around by bus or by bike and here are nearly any accidents! “

About the programme

Last year I took Creative Writing, Speech & Drama and Professional Writing. Right now I’m taking Reading and Responding, and Introduction to English Grammar. I like the programme a lot and the teachers are very good. So far the Shakespeare-theme has been my favorite.  The grades are very different here from Brazil, also in Brazil you only get one chance at a final. Here you have “omtenta” – the opportunity to take it again, should you fail. That was unheard of for me before I came to Sweden." 

About the future

“I plan on staying here in Malmö. In the future I would like to start a career in Teaching or Translation. Maybe I will do a Master’s degree... right now I’m focused on finish all my classes for this semester." 


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