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Bachelor's Degree Programmes - 3 Years - 180 Credits

English Studies
The bachelor’s programme in English studies prepares you for work in numerous fields related to cultural production, the language arts, the manipulation of texts and the generation of creative content.
More information: http://edu.mah.se/en/Program/HGENS

Human Rights 
Human rights imply that all people are born free, are of equal value and have equal rights. But what rights prevail, how are they monitored and what happens when they are violated?
More information: http://edu.mah.se/en/Program/SGMRE

International Migration and Ethnic Relations
This programme gives you an in-depth education of Europe, with a focus on cultural understanding and critical reflection. It combines history with political science, providing you with knowledge of the EU and globalisation.
More information: http://edu.mah.se/en/Program/SGIME

International Relations
World politics are constantly evolving. This programme develops your skills in analysing and reflecting upon central questions in current international relations.
More information: http://edu.mah.se/en/Program/SGINE

Peace and Conflict Studies 
This programme gives you an understanding of what occurs in the numerous combat zones around the world and how societies are affected by violence.
More information: http://edu.mah.se/en/Program/SGFRE

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Please note: if you are undertaking a professional qualification you must check with the relevant professional body that you would be qualified in Scotland.