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Availability of Part Time Work

When starting life at university, earning some extra money always comes in handy. Many students start working, for instance, as tutors, student assistants or in pubs or restaurants. It is possible to work alongside your studies, however good planning and organisation are key for this. You can expect to have classes from 3 to 5 days a week, and exams every 7 or 8 weeks.

Many British students work and study. While it is not mandatory to learn Dutch to study in the Netherlands for some courses, it’s recommended to learn at least the basics if you are looking to work here. There are Dutch courses available at the UM Language Centre, should you wish to learn Dutch while you’re here.

There are lots of student jobs available in the city. The students who want to get a job generally get them, but it can take a few months. The easiest way to find a job is through a temp agency. Some agencies specialize in jobs for students. In Maastricht, you might want to try the following addresses:

  • ASA Student temp agency, Keizer Karelplein 23, Maastricht, tel. 043-3213003
  • T&E Student temping agency, Boscherweg 173-A, Maastricht, tel. 043-3101072
  • Other jobs in or around the university are advertised in the vacancy database of Career Services.

You can of course also respond to advertisements or look for a job on the internet

NOTE: If you plan on working while you study, you will need a Citizens Support Number. More information can be found here: Working During Study