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Admission Criteria

Students with an EU diploma that is comparable to a Dutch VWO diploma are admissible to Maastricht University Bachelor programs, although some programs have additional requirements. Scottish students must have attained a Scottish Qualifications Certificate (SQC) with 3 Highers and 3 Advanced Highers at pass-level. For those doing A-Levels, a minimum of 3 passes is required. The Dutch Higher Education system differs from that in the UK, in that it offers students who get a minimum pass the chance to prove themselves at university, however they do not necessarily stay at university. Rather they must prove themselves in their first year by passing a minimum number of courses. UM programs are very intensive, so the better your grades the more likely you are to complete your first year. The University recommends a minimum of 3 B’s at A level in order to have a realistic chance of doing well in your program. For further information, please see the admissions webpages: