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Additional Support Needs

For disabled students, studying often means extra time and effort. Maastricht University is committed to helping students with additional support needs. There are special provisions for students with a disability or students who have physical or mental issues in the course of their studies.

Depending on the disability, Maastricht University has a variety of procedures, facilities and provisions to make studying easier. These provisions can often limit, or even avoid, unnecessary study delays without interfering with the educational experience. Student requests for special arrangements are accommodated as long as they are considered feasible and do not compromise the educational quality of the program you are enrolled in.

If you are coming to study at Maastricht University and need specific facilities, you are advised to make an appointment with the Service Desk Disability at an early stage. This will give the university time to make all necessary arrangements before your arrival. For more information, please see the dedicated Studying with a Disability website