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Policy Links

Scottish Government policy on Community Learning and Development is set out in Working and Learning Together to Build Stronger Communities (WALT) which was reinforced by "Building on Working and Learning Together to Build Stronger Communities: A joint statement on community learning and development (CLD), including adult literacy and numeracy (ALN)", by the Scottish Government and COSLA. This is referred to as the "Joint Statement".

The Joint Statement sets out their joint vision for CLD in Scotland. It offers a resource, prompting those developing Single Outcome Agreements (SOAs) to reflect on and maximise the contribution makes to achieving local and national outcomes. More information on this can be found on the WALT Challenge Fund Pages. A range of actions have been taken forward from the joint statement and are being put into practice.

The Walt Challenge Fund (2009 to 2011) was set up to help CLD partnerships to address the national priorities laid out in the Joint Statement.

Workforce Development

The "Upskilling the CLD Workforce Programme" 2009 to 2011 was developed as a result of the Joint Statement commitment to invest in the training and development infrastructure for CLD (including adult literacy and numeracy). Working together with Lifelong Learning UK, Education Scotland, the CLD Standards Council, as well as CLD partnerships throughout Scotland. More detail of how this programme galvanised efforts around Continual Professional Development for the CLD workforce can be seen on the Workforce Development pages. The Upskilling programme concluded on 31 March 2011. Education Scotland is taking this forward through support for partnerships to maitain the momentum gained from the programme and to further develop their training.

Cross-government links to related strategies.

Community Learning and Development is an important element to several of the national outcomes set out in the National Performance Framework and the Scottish Governments 3 social policy frameworks, early years, equally well and achieving our potential. The College and Adult Learning: Funding and Policy Division works closely with other government teams to ensure the CLD approach to learning is integrated into their policies.


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