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Working for Growth: A Refresh of the Employability Framework for Scotland was published in September 2012. In a context of economic recovery, the document reflects how approaches to employability have developed since 2006 and provides a clear framework to strengthen our combined focus on jobs and growth. It does so under the following themes, inspired by the four pillars of our response to the Christie report on the Future Delivery of Public Services:

  • Strategy and Effective Leadership
  • Better Integration and Partnership Working
  • Towards Prevention - Tackling Inequality
  • Improving Performance

The Scottish policy context is also informed by the following:

Action for Jobs - Supporting Young Scots into Work: Scotland's Youth Employment Strategy Giving young people the chance to channel their talent, enthusiasm and energy into sustainable and rewarding employment.

Opportunities for All - an explicit commitment to an offer of a place in learning or training to every 16-19 year old who is not currently in employment, education or training. An implementation paper will be published on this shortly.

More Choices More Chances - A Strategy to Reduce the Proportion of Young People not in Education, Employment or Training in Scotland

The Scottish Government's Refreshed Economic Strategy - Identifies the six strategic priorities which will accelerate recovery, drive sustainable economic growth and develop a more resilient and adaptable economy.

Skills for Scotland: Accelerating the Recovery and Increasing Sustainable Economic Growth - The Scottish Government has refreshed the Skills for Scotland Strategy. This refreshed Strategy makes clear the Scottish Government's commitment to training and skills and sets out a flexible, responsive, partnership approach to meeting Scotland's skills needs at a crucial point in our economic recovery.

Concordat between the Scottish Government and local government - This concordat sets out the terms of a new relationship between the Scottish Government and local government, based on mutual respect and partnership.

Achieving Our Potential: A Framework to tackle poverty and income inequality in Scotland - This Framework sets out further priorities for action and investment to deliver improvement in: reducing income inequalities; introducing longer-term; measures to tackle poverty and the drivers of low income; supporting those experiencing poverty or at risk of falling into poverty; making the tax credits and benefits system work better for Scotland.

Workforce Plus: An Employability Framework for Scotland (2006) - sets out actions at the national and local levels to help more people access and sustain employment.

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