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Scotland's Devolved Employment Services

In one of the first exercises of powers devolved under the Scotland Act 2016,  the Scottish Government will deliver two, 12 month transitional services – Work Able Scotland and Work First Scotland – that will support people living with health conditions and disabilities by helping them to get into and sustain work.

In 2017, the priority is to provide continuity of support for those who are unemployed with significant barriers to work, by delivering support for up to 3,300 disabled people through Work First Scotland, and through Work Able Scotland, up to 1,500 people with a disability or health condition and who are at risk of long term unemployment.

These are distinctly Scottish employability services, which are entirely voluntary, meaning that people may participate without the threat of sanctions. They support those further from the labour market for whom work is a realistic prospect, and creating a strong platform for services commencing in April 2018, known as Fair Start Scotland, which will support a minimum of 38,000.

For Further information on Devolved Employment Services please see the Employability In Scotland Website