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Employability' encompasses all the things that enable people to increase their chances of getting a job, staying in a job, and progressing further in work.

Scotland's Devolved Employability Services

The transfer of employability powers to Scotland, as set out in the Scotland Act 2016, will take place on April 2017 as one of the first devolved powers resulting from the Smith Commission Report.

From 3rd April 2017 transitional arrangements will be put in place through Work Able Scotland (WAS) and Work First Scotland (WFS), 12 month contracts that will help up to 4,800 people with health conditions and disabilities into work. This is ahead of the full devolved service, Fair Start Scotland, to be delivered in 2018 which will support a minimum of 38,000 people over three years. 

The aims and values of Scotland’s 2018  future employment services will be influenced by the key findings and analysis of the Creating a Fairer Scotland: Employment Support consultation. The consultations key findings can be found in the Scottish Government’s 2015 response Creating a Fairer Scotland: A New Future for Employability Support in Scotland. These were expanded upon in a Scottish Parliamentary debate on 5 October 2016 - Scottish Parliament debate on devolved employment services.

For Further information on Devolved Employment Services please see the Employability In Scotland Website.


  • Devolved Employment Services

    This section gives details on Scotland's Devolved Employment Support Services.

  • Policy

    While employment services are reserved, training for employment is a shared responsibility between the UK and Scottish Governments.

  • Delivery

    The Employability Delivery Team is focused on developing and growing the delivery infrastructure and building capacity in employability across Scotland.

  • Employability Structures in Scotland

    The Scottish Government supports stakeholders in the development of Employability Partnerships as well as the creation of a number of national stakeholder-led groups.

  • Key Themes

    This section provides information about the key issues relevant to employability and effective employability approaches.

  • How To

    Detailed information, handy hints or tips on some of the key aspects of employability approaches.

  • Information Hub

    Do you want to know more? Here you can use a section map with quick links to all our pages within Employability.

  • Employability glossary

    A useful list of some of our terms and abbreviations and what they mean.