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What is labour market information and intelligence (LMI)?

LMI is any quantitative or qualitative facts, analysis or interpretation about the past, present or future structure and workings of the labour market and the factors that influence it.

LMI is needed to inform users about:

  • economic and labour market conditions;
  • education, qualifications, training and skills;
  • current and future demand and supply of labour and jobs; and
  • vacancies and recruitment.

LMI includes both labour market information (descriptive data such as statistics or survey results) and labour market intelligence (analysis, interpretation, conclusions and policy recommendations).


Guiding Principles for Scottish LMI Dissemination

Three guiding principles for dissemination underlie the Scottish LMI Framework.  In summary these are:

Principle 1  Research Online is Scotland's labour market intelligence hub.

Principle 2  Scottish Neighbourhood Statistics is Scotland's labour market data hub.

Principle 3  All organisations are responsible for the quality of their published labour market information and/or intelligence.