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Data Innovation

Data Innovation is the broad term given to promoting the creative and innovative use of data to create new and to improve existing products and services.  There are number of key building blocks:

  • Open Data (i.e. making data/information discoverable and available for use and re-use.  It is preferable to make the data available in a form that machines can use);
  • Data Analytics - the ability to analyse and visualise data.  This can be single sources of data or huge amounts of data from disparate sources, sometimes in real time (this is often referred to as Big Data);
  • Spatial Data, the linking of information about people, objects or events to a place.

The Data Management Board through the Scottish public sector, academia and industry is seeking to maximise how we can make more data available for re-use, make the data easy to find (‘discoverable’) and ensure that we have the skills, knowledge and tools to use data and information to support all aspects of policy development, service delivery and to stimulate economic growth.

The aim is to create and foster an environment that produces innovative ways to do things as a result of smarter use of information.