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Scottish Ten

The Centre for Digital Documentation and Visualisation is the creation of a unique partnership between Historic Scotland and Glasgow School of Art’s Digital Design Studio. 

The Scottish Ten is the Centre’s ambitious five year project which positions Scotland firmly as a world leader in the documentation and visualisation of the historic environment.

Using leading edge 3D laser scanning technology, the project is helping in the conservation and management of Scotland’s UNESCO designated World Heritage Sites as well as five other international heritage sites, digitally preserving them for the benefit of future generations at home and overseas. This includes the Skara Brae settlement in Orkney and Edinburgh – both the medieval Old Town and the Georgian New Town.

By allowing the 3D surface geometry of objects to be accurately recorded in a digital form, the resultant data can then be used either as pure data itself to identify problems and rates of decay in the built environments which can then be addressed by experts.  The data can be further used to produce models and animation, for example, to allow visitors virtual access to areas not otherwise accessible to the public.  The data can also be used to produce photorealistic surfaces or other outputs suitable, for example, for 3D printing or computer aided design.

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