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October 28

Faster internet for Scots - A dedicated internet exchange point for Scotland is announced

Scotland's Digital Future - 2nd Annual Progress Report and Update 2013 is published

August 9

Community Broadband Scotland announced funding to help residents in Applecross, Wester Ross, bring improved broadband to their area - Community Broadband Scotland

August 1

Ofcom publishes the 2013 Communications Market Report

July 9

Deputy First Minister signs next generation broadband contract for Rest of Scotland project - Scottish Government

June 28

UK superfast broadbands receives £250 million investment - acumin.co.uk

"Twisted light" idea makes for terabit rates in fibre - BBC News

June 27

Rural broadband target postponed for two years - guardian.co.uk

June 26

Broadband rollout: Councils “yet to get” Government cash - BBC News

UK Government detail connection vouchers to fix urban broadband - ispreview.co.uk

June 22

MSPs experience satellite broadband for rural areas - stronowaygazette.co.uk

June 21

Government to launch £4m cyber security awareness campaign - itpro.co.uk

May 9

UK accuses EU of delaying urban broadband funding approval - ispreview.co.uk

May 8

New laws planned for faulty apps, movies and music - BBC News

£5 million investment in Northern Ireland rural broadband - BBC News

May 7

Scotland's Digital Future - Supporting the Transition to a World-leading Digital Economy: Emerging Findings April 2013.  Report published today.

1 May

Lottery funding helps remote Shetland Islands village get fast broadband - ispreview.co.uk

Superfast broadband goes live for thousands more Edinburgh homes - allmediascotland.com

April 30

Governments risk fragmenting cyber-security strategy - computerworlduk.com

Scots facing a digital deficit with Universal Credit - heraldscotland.com

Skype now available for Outlook.com for users in UK - BBC News

April 29

Voucher scheme for Scots firms to tackle cyber-crime extended  - BBC News

“Super intelligent” 400 CCTV cameras scheme for Glasgow - BBC News

Government to work on care homes comparison website - digitalbydefaultnews

O2 highlights popularity of public Wi-Fi - cable.co.uk

BT to bolster o2’s network capacity ahead of 4G rollout - cable.co.uk

MPs question Government’s infrastructure spending plans - BBC News

Chat app messaging overtakes SMS texts, Informa says - BBC News

PAC report casts doubt over broadband and other UK infrastructure projects - ispreview.co.uk

April 27

Broadband bills a struggle - scotsman.com

April 26

BT “seeking mobile partner for 4G network launch” - cable.co.uk

UK prepares for white space broadband rollout - gigom.com

Help is at hand to get online in Orkney - orcadian.co.uk

April 25

Why can’t the UK produce world-beating tech companies? - BBC News

40% of UK adults say ISPs are responsible for protecting their personal information - ispreview.co.uk

BT abandons original rollout target for native UK FTTP broadband - ispreview.co.uk

EE 4G powers life-saving satnav for London’s Air Ambulance - cable.co.uk

o2 Wi-Fi reaches milestone as 6 millionth customer signs-up - cable.co.uk

Broadband TV network wins an award - allmediascotland.com

InfoSec 2013: cyber security sector failing to attract new talent - csoonline.com

UK boasts around 80 broadband providers - computerweekly.com

What is B4GAL: Fibre Broadband for rural Scotland takes a leaf out of B4RN’s book -recombu.com

BT Openreach set ISP launch date for 220Mbps FTTP Broadband - ispreview.co.uk

April 24

3D visualisation set to revolutionise medical and dental training - Scottish Government

Start-ups and jobs boost in Scotland with launch of IdeaScotland and £30m Scottish Government investment - thedrum.com

Digital Deal plan aims to provide broadband for social housing - recombu.com

Ofcom moves to free UK airwaves for ultrafast 5G mobile broadband - ispreview.co.uk

Broadband users “vulnerable due to weak or identical passwords” - cable.co.uk

Barclays says online businesses must do more to prepare for 4G - cable.co.uk

BT to launch new website for broadband customers - cable.co.uk

Is UK’s broadband as fast as Ofcom claims? - pcpro.co.uk

UK Government offers SMEs £5000 to improve their cyber security - mis-asia.com

April 23

First Minister hails Health HQ - thesun.co.uk

£30m for life science centres plan - thecourier.co.uk

London PSN delivering Wi-Fi and VoIP to 2000 schools - cable.co.uk

Plusnet finds 63% of over 65s can’t live without the internet - cable.co.uk

National Library of Scotland recruits “Wikipedian” - BBC News

Government insists universal broadband targets will be met - techweekeurope.co.uk

Average world internet speeds top 2.9Mbps as UK scores 6.5Mbps - ispreview.co.uk

EE signs up 318,000 4G subscribers in five months - cable.co.uk

EE reports “Strong Demand” for 4G broadband - news.sky.com

Infosec 2013: Government outlines UK cyber security growth vision -itpro.co.uk

Carnegie UK Trust calls for action over low Glasgow broadband uptake -cable.co.uk

Report on digital participation in Glasgow from the Carnegie Trust - carnegietrust.org.uk

Glasgow faces new call to plug the digital divide - heraldscotland.com

April 22

As the internet gets faster, Hong Kong and South Korea lead the broadband speed derby - gigaom.com

Cyber Security experts urge Cameron to ditch Communications Data Bill - thedrum.com

Web Minister Maria Miller: UK will hit 2015 broadband target - theregister.co.uk

Miller defends Government’s broadband progress - cable.co.uk

UK Government denies superfast broadband targets slipping to 2016 - ispreview.co.uk

Think your home broadband is saving you mobile bills?  You’re right - memeburn.com

EE launches UK’s first-next gen 4G-enabled device - cable.co.uk

Whitehall’s Cloud Portal hits all-time sales high - zdnet.com

April 19

NAO estimate of people lacking digital skills is too low says expert -digitalbydefaultnews

Virgin plans mobile service for businesses - Scotsman.com

Smart meters to save power customers £64 each across Wales, report says - BBC News

John Lewis in broadband push - telegraph.co.uk

April 18

Increase in mobile access of council websites, reveals data - digitalbydefaultnews

“Computerised fabrics” in clothes could charge phones - BBC News

EE partners up with Go On UK to help 1 million Britons improve digital skills - digitalbydefaultnews

UK Supreme Court agrees viewing webpages is not copyright infringement - ispreview.co.uk

Scots designers begin Sydney project - heraldscotland.com

Vodafone puts 4G through its paces - zdnet.com

BT sign £18.9 million superfast broadband deal for Northumberland - ispreview.co.uk

People in the UK spent 37 billion hours online in 2012 - ispreview.co.uk

April 17

UK games industry faces EU tax break investigation - BBC News

Here we go again: UK takes the first steps towards 5G - ZDnet.com

UK “seeks Chinese broadband investment - cable.co.uk

Worldwide broadband subscriber numbers rise 8.6% in 2012 - cbronlne.com

Teaching of boys helped by iPads - heraldscotland.com

Gov.uk wins Design on the Year award - BBC News

Developers at Spring Hackathon 2013 to build Apps for local communities - digitalbydefaultnews

April 15

UK needs to plug the broadband gap, says The Kenton Group - itnewsonline.com

Japanese ISP launches world’s fastest 2Gbps home FTTH broadband - ispreview.co.uk

G Cloud III is set to go live in May - digitalbydefaultnews

Cybercrime warning for 'Yes' vote - Scotsman.com

April 13

Software could slash £10bn cost of returns to retailers - Scotsman.com

April 12

Rural and poor mobile access funds “not being spent” - BBC News

Cabinet Office publishes Government Digital Service progress report - digitalbydefaultnews

UK moves up three places in World Economic Forum’s ICT index - digitalbydefaultnews

Cumbria superfast broadband rollout delayed by EU red tape - nwemail.co.uk

Google launches tool to determine data use after death - BBC News

BT plug FTTC as UK hits 7th place in the Global Networked Readiness Index - ispreview.co.uk

April 11

Touch Bionics unveils prosthetic hand with mobile app - BBC News

Town urged to sign up for faster broadband - dgstandard.co.uk

Cybersecurity: A View from the Front - nytimes.com

Brits “would rather lose utilities or TV rather than broadband” - cable.co.uk

Good broadband helps UK rank 2nd in the world for human wellbeing - ispreview.co.uk

DEFRA finds just 32% of framers get above 2Mbps broadband - ispreview.co.uk

Three cities get £3m each as part of future cities project - digitalbydefaultnews

Government wants to improve call and data coverage on trains - digitalbydefaultnews

Paris suburbs to benefit from FTTH network - thinkbroadband.com

April 10

Housing professionals believe 40% of residents will pay rent via phone - digitalbydefaultnews

April 9

BT fibre broadband network reaches more than half of UK properties - cable.co.uk

BT rolling out free WiFi at eight major shopping centres - cable.co.uk

UK to host global cyber security centre - BBC News

4G mobile broadband speeds “doubling” says EE - BBC News

White defends SFT over pace of infrastructure developments - Scotsman.com

April 8

Broadband Commission wants high-speed internet to be in post-2015 plan - ispreview.co.uk

BT chief criticises “copper luddites” over fibre regulation - cable.co.uk

Gransnet local service aims to bring over 50s closer - BBC News

UK poll calls on Government to boost broadband funds for rural areas - ispreview.co.uk

April 7

Losing the lag: next-generation telecoms firm aims to speed Scots' data - HeraldScotland.com

April 6

Scientists deliver 3Gbps capable high speed internet via LED ceiling lamps - ispreview.co.uk

April 5

Government launches Digital Deal to improve online skills of social housing tenants - digitalbydefaultnews

BT restores Highland broadband service after wildfire- cable.co.uk

Smart bracelet protects aid workers - BBC News

Libraries to store all UK web content - BBC News

April 4

One stop shop for rural groups interested in community broadband - ruralgateway.org

4G mobile broadband at 800Mhz likely to cause fewer TV problems - ispreview.co.uk

Parts of Scotland set for Freeview retune ahead of 4G rollout - cable.co.uk

Irish Government to run cyber security planning exercise - siliconrepublic.com

Stirling Council backs internet improvement plans - BBC News

Teenagers given video game help - Evening Times

Broadband gets £145m upgrade - Stronoway Gazette

When will true 4G LTE Advanced mobile broadband arrive in the UK? - ispreview.co.uk

April 3

Scottish Government needs to move quicker on digital skills gap - thedrum.com

Warning over skills gap in computing - BBC News

Smartphone app aims to reduce suicide toll - Scotsman.com

Scots IT firms turn abroad for talent in 'skills crisis' - Scotsman.com

Best home alternatives to WiFi wireless networks - ispreview.co.uk

Mobile phones and bank cards to replace tickets for travelling in London - zdnet.com

Wireless broadband heads to rural village halls for just £15,000 - recombu.com

Communications magnate Karin Ahl backs Wales’ superfast broadband rollout - dailypost.co.uk

EE offers free 4G in London and Birmingham taxis - cable.co.uk

10 million British adults a week logging on to public WiFi - ispreview.co.uk

April 2

Top Scots websites among UK domains catalogued by libraries - BBC News

Is it better to own or outsource your datacentre? - zdnet.com

Fibre broadband a “game changer” for far north Scotland - fibrebroadband.co.uk

Why being different will matter in the FTTC world - ispreview.co.uk

April 1

Cyber security in the eyes of the youth - businessmirror.com

March 31

Competition will help the UK at critical crossroads on broadband - Telegraph.co.uk

Broadband via TV Channels tested in SA - bdlive

March 28

Government needs to do more for digital inclusion: NAO - digitalbydefaultnews

4G mobile broadband coverage extends to 50% of UK - Telegraph.co.uk

3 Mobile “waiting until the end of year” for 4G launch - cable.co.uk

Glasgow one of worst in UK for broadband speeds - Scotsman.com

EU gives Ofcom green light for cheaper BT leased line prices in the UK - ispreview.co.uk

UK and EU disagree over cyber security reporting -bcs.org

March 27

Digital funding scheme launched for the arts - BBC News

“Speed of light” fibre optic breakthrough hints at faster internet - zdnet.com

The Cloud and Microsoft bringing free Wi-Fi to train stations - cable.co.uk

Anti-cyber threat centre launched - BBC News

BT to push broadband to rural Scotland - informationweek.co.uk

March 26 
Digital Boss Martha Lane Fox joins the House of Lords - BBC News

“Ambitious” broadband plan unveiled for Highlands and Islands - BBC News

Broadband start-up offers one gigabit per second - Telegraph.co.uk

March 25
Broadband outage - Shetlandnews.co.uk
March 24
Second cyber security institute launched - Timeshereducation.co.uk

Newtown, Powys, hailed as tech savvy in Google eTowns awards - BBC News 

March 22
Ofcom approved 4G spectrum trading between mobile operators - ispreview.co.uk 

DEFRA open £20m UK rural Community Broadband Fund for final bids - ispreview.co.uk
Subsea fibre optic cable severance causes Shetland broadband outage cablenews.co.uk
N3 certified as a public service network - healthcaretoday.co.uk  

UK’s cyber security strategy seriously underfunded - ibtimes.co.uk
UK academics to help boost nation’s cyber security - bcs.org
Tablet Computer Plan for all Edinburgh schools - Scotsman.com

Shetland Islands suffer vital undersea SHEFA2 fibre optic cable break - ispreview.co.uk

March 21

British Airways fuels Silicon Valley to London hack at 30,000 ft - zdnet.com

YouTube reaches 1 billion monthly users - BBC News: Business

BT sign £13.8m deal to deploy superfast broadband in Hampshire - ispreview.co.uk

Broadband largely overlooked in Budget 2013 - cable.co.uk

Internet scanned for security holes - BBC News: Technology

EE launch fixed 4G and mobile broadband service to rural Cumbria - ispreview.co.uk

March 20

UK broadband cover still insufficient - BCS.org

"Under the skin" blood-testing device developed - BBC News: Health

BT start BDUK rollout of fibre broadband in Gloucestershire and Herefordshire - ispreview.co.uk

March 19

Virgin Media tells UK Government to put city broadband cash towards skills - ispreview.co.uk

Patient Opinion website for rating NHS care endorsed - BBC News: Scotland

Budget to include funding for free Wi-Fi on trains - cable.co.uk

Fujitsu gives up on superfast broadband bidding - V3.co.uk

Samsung VP: We are building a smart watch - ZDNet

March 18

Internet pioneers win internet prize - BBC News: Science & Environment

Smart cars as a rapidly emerging test case for machine to machine communication - Broadbandbreakfast.com

Use open source software - it makes things better, says UK - ZDNet

Games industry employment increases in UK - BBC News: Technology

Ofcom UK 4G mobile broadband auction could have raised £5.2bn - ISPreview.co.uk

ITU Secretary General wants world to have 20Mbps broadband by 2020 - ISPreview.co.uk

March 17

Broadband support plea - Selkirk Weekend Advertiser

800 more homes to get superfast broadband - East Lothian Courier

March 15

UK scraps Government CIO in tech project shake-up - ZDNet

Ofcom says average home broadband speed up to 12Mbps in November - cable.co.uk

Support call for net campaign - Dumfries and Galloway Standard.

Samsung Galaxy 4S eye-tracking smartphone unveiled - BBC News: Technology

March 14

Average UK broadband speeds hit double figures - BBC News: Technology

March 13

BT increase Scottish broadband coverage - Sourcing Focus

Superfast broadband expansion announced - Galloway Gazette

Pioneering telehealth project at New Craigs Hospital in Inverness - Scottish Government

March 12

How to get a job in Digital:  Glasgow and Dundee in the economic spotlight - The Drum

Prince’s Trust: Poor IT skills hurt youth job chances - BBC News: Business

Demand for next gen services spurs Virgin Media to create 150 apprenticeships - Cable.co.uk