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About Digital Directorate

Scottish Ministers believe that access to next generation broadband should be regarded as a basic utility for all citizens of Scotland and that availability of world-class connectivity can have transformational outcomes for: 

  • Scotland’s economy;
  • how we deliver public services;
  • our ability to attract and retain investment and skilled people; and
  • our ability to ensure that everyone in Scotland, regardless of age, where they live or background can feel confident using digital technology to improve their lives. 

The Scottish Government is providing clear leadership to bring next generation broadband to all areas of Scotland and is working collaboratively to engage with people, businesses and organisations across Scotland with an interest in the digital strategy.  The  Directorate for Digital was formed in early 2012 and has responsibility for delivering this ambitious digital strategy for Scotland.  The Directorate consists of two divisions.

 Key functions of the Digital Strategy and Programmes Division are: 

  • Tracking progress against the actions in the digital strategy that contribute to the overall aim of making Scotland a leading digital nation by 2020; 
  • Developing broadband policy to lead and implement a broadband infrastructure that delivers speed, ease of access, geographical coverage, competitive pricing and choice of provision for consumers;
  • Managing broadband delivery in the Highlands and Islands and Rest of Scotland projects. This will achieve a step change in digital connectivity across Scotland;
  • Raising the levels of digital participation in Scotland through the Choose Digital First programme which offers advice and support to encourage individuals and businesses to go online;
  • Promoting Scotland’s digital economy by working with enterprise and skills agencies, Business Gateway and others to help Scottish businesses feel the benefits of using broadband services and digital technologies.

  Key functions of the Digital Public Services Division are: 

  • To utilise digital technology to redesign and integrate public services to improve efficiency and better meet the needs of people of Scotland.