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Scotland's Digital Future

Scotland’s Digital Future outlines the steps that are required to ensure Scotland is well placed to take full advantage of all the economic, social and environmental opportunities offered by the digital age.

These four main themes are explored further on this website and your involvement in delivering a Digital Scotland is welcome. Feedback on the ideas and different approaches presented here will help us to develop, refine and implement our digital strategy.

Scotland's Digital Future


Closing the digital divide by putting the right, world-class, future-proofed next generation broadband infrastructure in place to ensure the whole of Scotland can participate in the digital world.

See: Connectivity

Digital Public Services

Transforming public services to ensure they can be provided online whenever possible and are shaped around peoples’ needs.

See: Public Services

Digital Economy

To encourage a vibrant and thriving digital economy where our research base and indigenous companies are recognised internationally and are supported and encouraged to grow. Our workforce has the digital skills required to support that continued growth to ensure Scotland remains an attractive destination for inward investment.

See: Digital Economy

Digital Participation

Ensuring that our businesses, whatever their size, and the people of Scotland, whatever their location, age or income, can choose digital first. It is essential that everyone has access to the right technology and are capable and confident in its use at home and at work

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