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Cyber Resilience

Cyber StrategyThe growth of digital technology has brought speed, efficiency and access to the way we do business, socialise and provide key services. Our businesses increasingly rely on and benefit from online connectivity. However, our increasing use of, and dependence on, the internet bring new risks. Across the world, we are now experiencing cyber crime at an unprecedented rate.

On the 18th November, at the National Economic Forum,  the Deputy First Minister launched Safe, Secure and Prosperous: A Cyber Resilience Strategy for Scotland Co-developed with Scottish Enterprise, Education Scotland, Police Scotland, Skills Development Scotland and the Scottish Business Resilience Centre, the strategy focuses on building skills and awareness of cyber risk amongst our businesses, within education and for all our citizens. 

Cyber resilience is being able to prepare for, withstand, rapidly recover and learn from deliberate attacks or accidental events in the online world. By building understanding of cyber risks and threats, we can take the appropriate measures to stay safe and get the most from being online.

You can be more resilient online by following some Cyber Basics. For more advice on being safer online while banking, socialising, shopping please also see Get Safe Online Scotland.