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Scottish Economy Statistics

In this section you'll find links to many of the latest Scottish Government statistical releases on the Economy.

Monthly Economic Brief
A monthly summary of the most recent official data on output, the labour market, inflation, retail, and manufactured exports, plus a review of surveys on and forecasts of the Scottish economy.

Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
Scottish quarterly GDP figures are produced in basic prices, also known as Gross Value Added (GVA).

Labour Market
Statistics on the labour market in Scotland provide the latest information on unemployment, employment, economic inactivity, earnings, and public sector employment.

Business and Enterprise
Analysis and research on the Scottish business stock and business financial performance.

Statistics from the Global Connections Survey and the Index of Manufactured Exports.

Public Finances
Information on Scotland's estimated net fiscal balance and current budget balance.

Information on estimated household expenditure in Scotland.

Income and Poverty
Information about income and poverty statistics for Scotland. 

Structure of the Economy
Input-Output tables provide a complete picture of the flows of goods and services in the economy for a given year. They detail the relationship between producers and consumers and the interdependencies of industries.