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Structural Funds 2007-2013

Structural Funds 2007 - 2013 Flying Scotland Flag

European Structural Funds provide EU Member States and regions with assistance to overcome structural deficiencies and to enable them to strengthen competitiveness and increase employment.

Spend on EU Structural and Cohesion Funds is the second largest item in the EU’s budget and from 2007-2013 the EU will invest a total of €347 billion in Europe’s regions.  This funding helps to improve transport and internet links to remote regions, boost SMEs growth, invest in a cleaner environment, and improve education and skills.  EU funding is also invested in innovation, developing new products and production methods, energy efficiency and tackling climate change.

In Scotland, EU Structural Funds are allocated between two programme areas –

Highlands and Islands – designated as a Convergence region

Lowlands and Uplands – designated as a Competitiveness and Employment region

Map of Programme areas