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The publications relevant to the water industry in Scotland have been split into 6 sections: press releases; legislation; consultations; policy statements; delivery/progress; Freedom of Information.

Press releases

Press releases are made when Ministers want to make announcements covering a range of topics. In the case of the water industry, this may be anything from the appointment of new board members to bodies like Scottish Water and the Water Industry Commission for Scotland to changes in water charges.


The legislation that sets out the governance and functions of the various bodies involved in the water industry in Scotland.


Formal public consultations are constantly being carried out across the Scottish Government. The consultations most frequently carried out on issues surrounding the water industry are on changes in legislation, water charges and how money is going to be invested in future regulatory periods.

Policy Statements

As well as putting in place the legal framework that the industry operates within, Scottish Ministers set policy on a number of matters including the length of regulatory periods, the principles that should underpin customer charges and the service standards Scottish Water should achieve. Policy may be set out by one of a variety of policy statements, for example a letter to a water industry stakeholder, a published statement or a direction to Scottish Water.


Scottish Water is directed to deliver a number of objectives by Ministers as part of the Quality and Standards process. Progress on delivery of these objectives is monitored by the Outputs Monitoring Group (OMG), which reports to Ministers.

Freedom of Information

Occasionally, requests are made for information held by the Scottish Government regarding the water industry under the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 or Environmental Information (Scotland) Act 2004. Documentation released as part of this process is then published on the Scottish Government website and those relating to the water industry can be found here.